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Independence Day

Published by Charles Oliver Nutter on

All Good Things…

Hello Ruby and JRuby friends! I have some exciting news!

As they say, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with our sponsorship from Red Hat. We recently received notice that after 12 years of support, JRuby funding at Red Hat would conclude. Recent reorganization has changed priorities, and unfortunately there’s no place for ongoing sponsorship of projects like JRuby. As of July 4, 2024, my employment at Red Hat will end, and by the end of this month there will be no salaried employees dedicated to JRuby.

JRuby’s Independence Day

I’m not giving up without a fight. It is still my goal to build the most scalable, most stable, best-possible Ruby runtime for the JVM.

JRuby’s independence couldn’t come at a more exciting time!

Since we learned about our employment change, we’ve released two updates to JRuby: (a special release of 9.3 for a major commercial user) and (our standard update release with over 50 issues and pull requests).

Meanwhile we have been pushing toward JRuby 10, our most ambitious release to date. JRuby 10 will feature:

After twenty years of development on JRuby – two-thirds of my professional career – I’m going to need your help to keep building the most widely-deployed alternative Ruby in the world. I am offering multiple ways you can support the JRuby project and my continued contributions to the JRuby and Ruby communities.

Many of you have asked how you can support JRuby directly… this is your chance!


Friends of the project and past users who have benefited from our tireless, free support can sponsor me directly via my GitHub Sponsor page.

I’m very proud to announce that Shopify is my first major sponsor!

Demonstrate your appreciation for the hard work that has gone into JRuby by contributing directly. Follow your heart and choose a monthly or one-time sponsorship level that reflects the benefit you and your projects have received from JRuby. Your sponsor contributions will go directly toward “keeping the lights on”, allowing me to continue the work we started back in 2004. In return, you or your organization will be presented to the JRuby and Ruby world through our talks, social media, and public outreach.

Commercial Support

For the first time ever, we are offering commercial support for JRuby users around the world!

JRuby Support by Headius will give your company a direct line to the most knowledgeable JRuby developers in the world, the folks who have built this platform into the powerhouse it is today.

JRuby Pro Support provides the basic tier, giving you priority email support from me and pre-release announcements for you and your organization.

JRuby Enterprise Support takes that support to the next level, with priority bug and feature work across all supported platforms. Pricing scales with your needs: a tiered pricing structure that guarantees support for your production, off-the-shelf, embedded, and mobile JRuby applications.

We’re still rolling out pricing and payment, but you can tell us of your interest and requirements today at the Contact Us page!

JRuby Needs You!

While we are deeply saddened by Red Hat’s decision, we recognize that their sponsorship and the sponsorship of other companies like Engine Yard and Sun Microsystems have made JRuby possible. Now it’s your turn, as JRuby friends and users, to help us write the next chapter in the JRuby story.

Sign up for a sponsorship or contact us about commercial support today!